Hardwood Floor Installation Services

Professional Hardwood Floor Installation Services in Connecticut

Hardwood Floor Installation Services

The natural beauty and durability of wood floors makes it an excellent choice for many applications. Aesthetically-pleasing and practical, wood flooring remains a popular choice in homes across the Fairfield County.We offer wood flooring installation of two basic types:

  • Solid Wood Flooring - Solid wood floors is manufactured from single pieces of wood. The classic look of solid wood makes it an attractive and popular choice. Other advantages include the fact that solid wood can be sanded and refinished, adding to its basic longevity.
  • Engineered Wood Flooring - Engineered wood floors consists of layers of hardwood over a soft wood core. This method of manufacturing creates a durable, moisture-resistant floor that is available in a wider variety of styles and finishes than solid wood flooring.
Aside from the aesthetic advantages of having brand new wood flooring fitted, there are a number of unseen benefits, including the increased value of your property and the hard-wearing nature of the wood.

The key to any reliable and long lasting wood flooring is preparation. The floor must be prepared professionally and effectively before any new floor is laid, otherwise bubbling, creasing and lifting can occur. At Al’s & E’s Carpet Cleaning we utilize a wide range of special techniques and experience to expertly prepare a new floor so that it is ready for the installation.

Why have your floors prepared?

Above everything else, you want your new floor to look its very best. You don't want creasing or bubbling - this will lead to repair or replacement costs in the near future. Only a properly prepared floor will provide you with a suitable base on which to place your new carpet, wood floor, laminate or vinyl.