If you are a past or current customer, feel free to tell us what you think of our services. Your testimonials are a great motivator and a reminder to us why we continue to strive for nothing less than to provide superior cleaning services to our residential and commercial clients in Connecticut. If you would like to submit a testimonial, please get in touch with us through our contact page and we’ll get it posted here.

  M. Harrison - New Haven, CT
Eric just left after cleaning four rugs for me. These are two primarily white rugs that had become gray and two oriental runners with ground in kitchen dirt. All of these rugs had been cleaned many times before. Over the years the white rugs had accumulated stains that no other carpet cleaning company have even touched. My expectation was that the white carpets would be basically white with theold variety of stains that had not been removed previously and that the oriental rugs, which were originally blue and pink, white, orange, and tan would at least not look totally grimy. HOWEVER.... I was so surprised and delighted that he colors in the runners were returned to their bright original hues and the white carpets were like brand new with NO STAINS at all. I was hoping that one more cleaning would hold me until I could find new carpets ----- but I now have carpets that look new! No need to shop!! Thank you so much!!
  Henry P. - Stamford, CT
Needed a basic cleaning for a large room in our house and chose A&E because they had a special deal on Groupon. Very glad I found them. They did an OUTSTANDING job on a carpet that had been underneath rabbit cages (you get the picture). We have had it cleaned in the past, and done it ourselves and I will say that nothing we did compares to how it looks after these guys finished with it. It looks like a new carpet !! They worked way beyond what was required and the owner Eric was extremely nice and professional and very easy to deal with. I would highly recommend them - they did a MUCH better job than the lady company I used ( SSS ) and were less expensive! What could be better ? Also found out they do upholstery as well as carpet so I expect to be using them again after we move.
    C. Cunningham - Greenwich, CT
I just had my carpets cleaned by Al's and E's Carpet Cleaning. I was surprised at how beautiful and clean they looked afterwards. They were very up forward with thier pricing and we received clear communication throughout the project. The used a special clean and extraction method that that few if not all other carpet cleaners use. There is no soap residual. It was worth it. Eric and his team were very very conscientious and thorough about every aspect of the cleaning. I highly recommend them.
  G. Pachicco - Bridgeport, CT
My husband and I bought a new home one year ago and our contractor hired Al and E's Cleaning Service to clean at the close of old home before we put it on the market. We were quite happy with the work and Al's and E's has been cleaning our new home on a frequent basis ever since. With a large home containing extensive wood flooring, the Al's and E's crew thoroughly cleans the floors, and when they finish, our floors look terrific!
  S. Germain - Westport, CT
I am happy to write a testimonial to your great service for Al's and E's Carpet Cleaning. When I first took over my office suite, they had been the cleaner for the previous tenants. My colleagues and I noticed how clean the office was after one of your visits. Nevertheless, in order to try and save a little money, we switched to a national cleaning company. My colleagues and I quickly noticed that we could never tell when the cleaners had been there or not! There was never a noticeable difference. And so, we decided to switch back to using your services, and we are always very pleased to come into the office and find it very noticeably cleaner after one of your visits! I can tell that you take a lot of pride in your business and in providing great service!